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ChillMeister Wix Header Image 1920x1080.

In Motion Design
New Logo Concept

ChillMeister is a multi-purpose insulated drink cooler and tumbler developed for sale at major convenience store retailers such as 7-Eleven. For this product, I had the opportunity to develop the brand identity and product design from the ground up. 


With the purpose of keeping drinks cool in mind, the design revolved around the concept of a rugged climber braving an unforgiving wintery tundra. By including bold muted colors and a distressed aesthetic, this product was targeted primarily towards the young adult males that these retailers cater to.




In Motion Design Inc.


Graphic Designer

Who We Are

With new branding came establishing identity. Here, the 3 pillars that make up In Motion Design as a company are abstracted into building blocks that encompass the updated design system. 

ChillMeister Initial Cooler Sketches 1@2

Initial proposed sketches for the design of the drink cooler. The middle design was chosen in the end.

ChillMeister Factory Mold.png

3D renders of the final mold design and logo positioning.

ChillMeister Product Line Up.jpg

Final cooler designs in Matte Black, Matte Navy Blue, Stainless Steel and Matte Gray.

The Logo Update

The goal of the redesign was to modernize the logo to more legible and dynamic direction that allows it to thrive in both print and digital applications.

ChillMeister Logo Branding 2.png

Primary logo (Top), secondary vertical logo (Bottom Left), and secondary horizontal logo (Bottom Right). 

With a diverse portfolio of products and new ones constantly in the works, it was important that the new design was easily adaptable to whatever application or branding it was put in. These explorations show how the new design can take on a more serious or playful tone by changing the lockup and the color palette. Subtly offsetting the logo's main sections creates movement and transforms a mostly static design into a direction that's more dynamic.

ChillMeister Logo Branding 2.png

Just a sample of the endless possibilities the logo can take on just by changing color or orientation. 

The biggest problem this update aimed to solve was the lack of support for mobile and web usage. Internally, the company already referred to itself by the 'IMDI' acronym, so it was only fitting that it was used for the mobile friendly version of the logo. In situations where using the primary logo would be too big or visually overwhelming, this secondary logo can be used. These lockups also follow the same rules as the primary design where the logo can be offset or positioned horizontally. 

ChillMeister Logo Branding 2.png

Readability is maintained even when shrunk down to only half an inch in width or height.

The flexibility of the secondary logo continues to be seen with these additional explorations. By keeping the base letterforms standardized, the possibilities in which the logo can adapt and evolve for future products are endless. 

ChillMeister Logo Branding 2.png

Integrity of the logo is still maintained among a variety of visual aesthetics.

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