Seoulmate is an unusual Long Beach eatery serving up Korean-Mexican fusion food. Along with their unique menu, they are known for their bright pink roof of what appears to be a repurposed house, whimsical artwork strewn across the walls, and their welcoming rustic appeal. This project aimed to create a cohesive packaging system consisting of 3 sauces inspired by the aesthetics of the restaurant.




The Logo

The logo was derived from deconstructing the hangul characters representing the city of Seoul. These shapes were then incorporated as negative space within a heart.

My process of incorporating the hangul characters through negative space.

The shapes within the logo can have different color configurations depending on its usage.

The Packaging

Given the restaurant's heavy Korean influence, images of Seoul’s bustling streets were used as textural patterns for the jar wraps.

Front view of jars with wrap and tag.

Back view of wrapped jar.

Front view of jars without wrap.