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ChillMeister Wix Header Image 1920x1080.

Insulated Can Coolers

Chillmeister is a multi-purpose insulated drink cooler and tumbler developed for sale at major convenience store retailers such as 7-Eleven. For this product, I had the opportunity to develop the brand identity and product design from the ground up. 


With the purpose of keeping drinks cool in mind, the design revolved around the concept of a rugged climber braving an unforgiving wintery tundra. By including bold muted colors and a distressed aesthetic, this product was targeted primarily towards the young adult males that these retailers cater towards.


Product Development




In Motion Design Inc.


Graphic Designer

The Drink Cooler

There were multiple iterations for the exterior shell of the tumbler. A simplified form factor that emphasized better ergonomics in the hand was chosen for the final mold. 

ChillMeister Initial Cooler Sketches 1@2

Initial proposed sketches for the design of the drink cooler. The middle design was chosen in the end.

ChillMeister Factory Mold.png

3D renders of the final mold design and logo positioning.

ChillMeister Product Line Up.jpg

Final cooler designs in Matte Black, Matte Navy Blue, Stainless Steel and Matte Gray.

The Chillmeister Brand

To reflect the targeted audience, a muted color palette and masculine typeface was used for the final logo design. The logo icon is a combination of the “CM” acronym for Chillmeister and represents the mountainous imagery from the initial concept.

ChillMeister Logo Branding 2.png

Final logo lockups and brand color palette.

Package Design

A vertical box with an open front window was chosen for the final packaging. This allowed customers to easily view the product without the need to open the packaging. Textures and expressive paint strokes gave the overall design a modern rugged aesthetic.

ChillMeister in Packaging 3-4 Front.png
ChillMeister in Packaging 3-4 Back.png

Front and back views of the open window packaging.

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