The ASMR Discovery App

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an experience caused by certain audio or visual stimuli. This experience is characterized by a static “tingly” sensation felt throughout the head, neck, and sometimes travels down the spine. As someone who frequently experiences this odd sensation, I aimed to design a branding and mobile app concept that encompasses the needs of someone looking to experience these sensations by creating a comforting yet playful mobile experience.



Mobile Design




Solo Project



The Logo

The logo concept was based on the idea of having your head in the clouds. With this, imagery related to peacefulness and the mind inspired the direction. The goal was to maintain flexibility and legibility on multiple platforms while presenting these aspects. 


Conceptualization process from initial sketches to final logo design.

The primary logo lockup.

Secondary lockups allow the logo to expand or condense depending on usage.

Mobile App UI

The Tinglverse app aims to be the mobile center for all things ASMR. Its main features include curated content based on trigger preferences and discovery of new content creators. 

Mobile App Update.png
Mobile App Update2.png

Mobile App Screens.

From top to bottom: Icon for iOS, Explore Page, Sign In, Home Page, Profile Page & Personal Quiz.


Custom emojis and icons featuring common trigger types.

Business card designs. Each card has its own icon and base color.

Round sticker designs featuring the Tinglnaut himself.


Billboard advertisement promoting the mobile app.

Process and Style Guide

A process and style guide was compiled to document the development of the Tinglverse concept. It contains my thought process on creating the brand along with the various creative assets related to it.


Tinglverse spine close-up.


Introduction page explaining the history of ASMR and my personal experience with the medium.


Brand name development process.I prefer coming up with a word bank of ideas I want associated with the brand and focusing on key words for the final names.


I try to incorporate illustration wherever I can. Here, I created brand mascots with a brief description of their characters.


Brand elements overview covering everything from color palette, typography & secondary visual elements.


The entire process book in all its glory.