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Thimble Cakery

As a dessert fanatic, getting a client project related to cupcakes excited both my creative juices and my sweet tooth. Thimble Cakery is a home business based in Southern California focused on baking creative bite-sized cupcakes. Due to being a new local business, I was tasked by the owner of Thimble Cakery to help her develop a logo and brand direction to get the business off the ground. 


The goal was to create a logo that had a charming aesthetic while emphasizing the bite-size nature of their product. For this project, I designed a logo along with business cards and stickers to fit the overall direction. My client was inspired by brands that used illustrative hand-drawn imagery which was achieved in the final logo.



Product Photography


Solo Freelance


Graphic Designer

Brand Logo

Two recurring ideas came about when discussing what aspects to include in the logo: a thimble and a young boy. Keeping this in mind, I explored many options in the first round of designs by following a sliding scale between illustrative and abstract.


Initial sketches included more literal interpretations of a “thimble boy” and abstracted representations of a thimble.

When choosing the color palette, I focused on pastels to match the light-hearted feel of the logo. After multiple considerations about color palette and typography, a final logo lockup was decided upon.


The direction of having the cupcake on the tip of the boy’s finger had me imagining ballerina dancers balancing on their toes. This idea inspired the final configuration.

Artboard 1.png
Supporting Assets

Final business card design.


Product photography was also included in the project. Shown above are 5 of the many flavors in Thimble Cakery’s lineup.


Branded stickers in 3 different color schemes.

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